Access Cash When You Need it with our Line of credit

We give you the flexibility you need to face obstacles and seize opportunities.

Your Business is changing. Get access to funds when you need it with our Line of Credit

A line of credit is a flexible reserve of cash that offers more options than a traditional loan. Capital can be drawn up to the maximum amount, or in small loans when needed. You only pay interest on the amount withdrawn. It’s the ultimate rainy day fund, a cash reserve that you can call on in times of crisis, or as a way of growing your business steadily when you see potential and opportunity to do so.

One of the huge bonuses for your business is that your cash can be accessed at any time once the loan is completed. So if you suddenly need access to your reserves for an emergency, you can withdraw the money straight away.

At Merchant Lenders Canada, we understand that your business needs flexibility. That’s why our flex financing is tailored to fit your business needs. You can apply in three easy steps, and access your funds within two days.

How to apply for a Line of Credit?

Step one. Apply to get a quote

Fill out the quick form and we’ll be contacting you shortly. We’ll find the financing options that best fit your goals.

Step two. Send your documents

We’ll need specific documents to complete your application. We’ll then decide whether we proceed with your application or not.

Step three. Get your funds

Once we’ve approved your documents, you will receive your funds within two days. We’ll deposit the money directly in your account.

Our Line of Credit in numbers.

We help you build the flex financing that fits your needs. We help you determine the ideal amount of cash you need to access, as well as the adapted payment options.

Minimum amount you can loan
Maximum amount you can loan
Maximum repayment months

The benefits of Just Capital Line of Credit.

Your funds are easily accessible

Once you're approved for an amount, you can access the totality of the funds right away, or anytime your business needs it.

You can pay back at anytime

You can pay back the total amount at any time. There's no fee, no drawback, you keep the control.

Only pay what you take

Because it's a flex financing solution, you only pay interests on what you actually use. Yes, it's that cool.

Borrow again once you've paid back

Once the total amount has been paid back, you can use it again. There's no need for a new loan.


Adjust to your business needs with a flexible financing solution.

A line of credit gives you the flexibility you need when running a business. Access cash, pay the balance, and use the funds again for future challenges or opportunities. We’ve highlighted some situations in which it’s the perfect fit. 

Adjust your cash flow

Hire new employees

Purchase inventory

Finance payroll

... And more

Your Business is ready. Get started with our line of credit today.

Apply online to get a quote and we’ll talk about the different options for your flex financing. We’ll discuss about your projects and your business goals to define what’s best for you. There’s no fee and no obligation. You stay in control.