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There are many challenges to face when operating a beauty salon and spa business. It can be hard to keep the staff going and customers satisfied. To help you focus on your activity, we lift a weight off your shoulder by giving you quick and easy access to capital with our beauty salon and spa loans.

Giving you the funds you need for your success is our priority. That’s why we offer fixed and flex financing solutions, from $5,000 to $2 millions to support all your business activities. You can start your application online and benefit from the lowest rates on the Canadian market. You can also call us if you have any concerns about our beauty salon and spa loan.

Fixed Financing. Invest in your beauty salon and spa makeover.

There are many reasons why an existing business would be looking to a loan to grow their spa or salon enterprise. Perhaps your business is in need of new stock or inventory. Beauty treatments can be expensive and taking advantage of seasonal orders could be a great investment, but requiring capital. Perhaps you need to purchase new equipment, such as tanning beds or laser treatments for teeth whitening. Or maybe you have miscellaneous areas that require your attention, from training to marketing, uniforms to improvements to your premises.

Our beauty salon and spa loan let you access the capital you need within a few days. You can then invest the funds into your business and benefit from a simple and fixed repayment.

Offer the best care products

We know that investing in good care products can represent a large amount of money at the end of the month. Whether you need to purchase inventory or buy products for use, a beauty salon and spa loan can help you focus on what really matters: customer satisfaction.

Invest in new equipment

We understand that buying new equipment for your beauty salon and spa can be a good opportunity to attract new customers or up sell existing ones. It can also be very expensive. Our beauty salon and spa loan get you the funds you need to expand your business.


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There are many other reasons why you could use a beauty salon and spa loan. This is why you should identify your objectives and pinpoint your needs to make the most out of it.

Flex Financing. More flexibility for your beauty salon and spa.

Season changes play an important role in the auto repair industry. This is why flex financing is a good solution for your business. It offers different ways to access capital, and safer repayment options.

Flex financing is a good way to cover recurring costs, such as staff, inventory, or rent. Those kind of auto shop loans give your business the funds it needs to function, so you can focus on growing your auto shop.

Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance let you safely access the cash you need. You get an amount of cash in exchange of a percentage of your future sales, until total repayment. This way, and because it’s linked to your sales, you are not crippled by monthly payments when there’s a fall of your auto shop activity during low seasons.

Line of Credit

With a line of credit you can access cash whenever you need it. Once approved for an amount, you can decide to use it all right away, or split it in multiple loans you can use whenever you need. And because it’s revolving, you can re-access the cash once you’ve repaid the full amount of your auto shop loan. And yes, you only pay what you take!

Bad Credit Retail Loan. Support your beauty salon and spa.

Banks will pay a lot of attention to you credit score when you go down the traditional road for your beauty salon and spa loan. We understand that bad credit can be the result of many things, including things that happened a long time ago. We also believe that bad credit score shouldn’t be the only reason you get disqualified for your small business loan. This is why we offer a bad credit business loan, to give you the chance the get the funds you need when it would otherwise be very difficult or expensive.

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Poor credit could be holding you from investing in your activity. With our bad credit business loan, we let you access the funds you need to grow your beauty salon and spa business.


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