Flex Financing with our Merchant Cash Advance

Use future debit and credit card sales to access capital now

Your Business is moving. Use your future sales for capital today with a Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance is a flex financing solution that adapts to your business activity because it is directly linked to your daily volume of sales. It’s responsive, low risk and allows you to borrow based on cash flow. This means that your loan covers quieter times of year and or dips in sales.

This is a tailored financing option that takes your needs into consideration. It enables your business to quickly withdraw cash from a credit card which covers shortfalls, gives you space to improve to your premises and purchase new equipment, etc. You have the advantage to make decisions for funding on the same day and with a 95% approval rate.

At Just Capital, we understand that it can be hard to predict where your business is going to be in the future. That’s why we offer flex financing solutions to better support your business today and tomorrow.

How to apply for a Merchant Cash Advance?

Step one. Apply to get a quote

Fill out the quick form and we’ll contact you shortly. We’ll find the financing options that best suits your goals.

Step two. Send your documents

We’ll need specific documents to complete your application. We’ll then decide whether we can proceed with your application or not.

Step three. Get your funds

Once we’ve approved your documents, you will receive your funds within two days. We’ll deposit the money directly in your account.

Our Merchant Cash Advance in numbers.

We help you build a solution that fits your needs. We help you determine the ideal amount of cash you need, as well as the adapted payment options.

Minimum amount you can loan
Maximum amount you can loan
Maximum repayment months

The benefits our Merchant Cash Advance

Your repayment is flexible

The cash advance is directly linked to your business activity so, your repayment varies as your sales fluctuate.

You don't need collateral

Repayment is based on your future sales so; it is a reasonably safe way to receive cash.

You receive a lump sum quickly

You have quick access to the capital you need. Once you get approved, you can access the funds within two days.

Your credit score is not impacted

Our cash advances are different than a traditional loan so, your credit score is not negatively impacted.


Use future sales to enable your business today with flex financing

Our flex financing gives you access to a lump sum of money quickly and provides you with flexibility for repayment. Flex financing allows you to safely add money to your business. We have listed some options below to suggest how you can use your merchant cash advance:

Hiring new staff

Buy new equipment

Purchase inventory

Refinance a loan

... and more

Your Business is ready. Get started with our merchant cash advance today.

Apply online to get a quote and we’ll talk about the different options for a merchant cash advance. We’ll discuss your projects and business goals to define what’s best for you. There’s no fee and or obligations. You stay in control.