Auto Shop loans: Financing to Speed up your business

We offer auto shop loans and financing options that fit your auto shop needs

An auto shop loan to support your business

An auto shop loan can be the solution you need to support your business. We know that running an auto shop can be highly rewarding but also challenging. There are several issues to compete with depending on the services you offer, be it repair, selling parts or something else entirely. The high costs of specialist equipment and acquiring stock can really take a toll. There are also the problems that many small businesses face, such as slower times of year, rising rents or staff turnover.

Our priority is to give you access to the capital you need quickly and easily. For that very reason, we have fixed and flex financing solutions, from $5,000 to $2 million to support your business. You can apply online now and benefit from some of the lowest rates in the Canadian market. Otherwise, you can drop us a line if you prefer to talk about your auto shop loan with real people.

Fixed Financing. An auto shop loan to speed up your business.

There are a number of reasons why you might be seeking an auto shop loan. In the automotive services, a common necessity is stock and inventory. If you are dealing in parts or providing repairs, then you will need to have plenty of car parts on site to cope with the demand. Delays in acquiring these parts could lead to customer complaints and even lost business. So, having the right amount of stock is essential. This is where extra funds are vital.

There are countless reasons why you could use an auto shop loan that are not simply restricted to automotive services. Perhaps your business has been slowing down during the winter months and you are waiting for the summer to kick start things. Maybe you have had to deal with changes in staff or a move to a new location. You may be suffering from rival competitors and want to up your marketing game to bring in new business. So, with a simple and fixed repayment schedule, we offer you a quick and easy way to access the funds you need.

Get a solid inventory of car parts

An auto shop loan is a good way to purchase inventory, especially in the automotive industry. You can stock important car parts, with a high turnover. This way, you can offer repair services to your customer with a fast delivery time and have a significant edge on your competition.

Purchase new equipment

We understand that buying new equipment for your auto shop is a necessity, but this can also put a heavy dent in your budget. Our auto shop loan gives you the opportunity to invest in new equipment, so operations can run smoother.


Apply for an auto shop loan

There are many reasons why you could use an auto shop loan. That is why, you should identify your objectives and target your needs to make the most out of the capital.

Flex Financing. The flexibility your auto shop needs.

Seasonal changes play an important role in the auto repair industry. That is why flex financing is a good solution for your business. It offers you different ways to access capital and with safer repayment options.

Flex financing is a good way to cover recurring costs such as, staff, inventory, and or rent. Our auto shop loans give your business the funds it needs to function, so you can focus on growing your auto shop.

Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance lets you safely access the cash you need. You get an amount of cash in exchange for a percentage of your future sales, until total repayment. Since it’s linked to your sales, you are not crippled by monthly payments and a fall in your auto shop activity during low seasons.

Line of Credit

With a line of credit you can access cash whenever you need it. Once approved for an amount, you can decide to use it in its totality or split it into multiple loans for when needed. Also, you can re-access the funds once you have repaid the full amount of your retail loan since it is revolvingAnd yes, you only pay what you take!

Bad Credit Retail Loan. Support your retail business.

Traditional banks will scrutinize your credit history and give importance to your credit score when you apply for an auto shop loan. We understand that a poor credit can be the result of incidents that happened even years ago. We also believe that a bad credit score shouldn’t be the reason keeping you away from an auto shop loan. So, we offer a bad credit business loan, to give you the chance to access the capital you need when it would otherwise be extremely difficult or expensive.

Apply for bad credit business loan

Bad credit could be the only thing holding you from developing your activity. With our bad credit business loan, you have access to the capital you need to grow your auto shop business.


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