We provide tailored Industry loans for your business

Industry loans: we offer fixed and flex financing options adapted to your industry’s needs.

Your business is specific. We offer small business loans for your industry.

We understand that each industry has its specificities. That’s why we offer we have a wide range of industry loans. From small business loans to line of credit, and merchant cash advance, we give you the power to seize opportunities. For years, we’ve worked closely with many industries, we’ve built project, and gave small business the chance to grow bigger. Take a look at some of the industries we serve below and find out how our loans solution can help.


Restaurant Loans. We help you grow through the year.

Seasonality can have a huge impact on your restaurant. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead for the financing you may need in the future. We offer different restaurant loans and small business financing options that give you the support you need .

Retail Loans. Always stay one step ahead of the competition

We understand that retail business can be highly competitive. You need to stay on top of the trends, and this means frequently buying new products, or materials. With our fixed and flex financing solutions, you can steadily grow your retail business while efficiently managing inventory. 


Auto Shop Loans. We can help your business grow all year long.

When managing an auto shop business, the high costs of specialist equipment and acquiring stock can really take its toll. This is why we offer different small business financing options to keep your shop rolling.

Beauty Salon and Spa Loans. We help you support your business.

We understand the challenges of running a beauty salon or a spa. And sometimes, it can be difficult to find the capital you need for your business. That’s why we have fixed and flexible loans and financing options for beauty saon and spa owners.


Get the right business financing for your industry loan

Small Business Loans

A fixed term loan that let you access capital that you pay back over a fixed period.

Merchant Cash Advance

A flex financing option that give you access to cash now in exchange of a future sales %.

Line of Credit

A flexible option that let you access cash when you need it. You only pay what you use.

Bad Credit Business Loans

Get the capital you need to grow your business, even with a bad credit score.

Do you qualify for our industry loans?

You have at least 5 deposits a month

Your have monthly sales of at least $10K

You've been in activity for two years